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Development Work flow

Updated Jan 6, 2009

The Silverlight HyperVideo Platform project is moving along very rapidly, and to ensure both the maximum participation from the community and the greatest possible quality in each release, we will form a small “Feature Committee (FAC)” to help with managing the feature list.

Moving New Features Into the Kanban Board
  • New features will be suggested in the Issue Tracker where they will be voted on for about a week.
  • A FAC member will remove the feature from Issue Tracker and break the work into work units, with one Kanban card for each.
    • If the work was broken into multiple cards which must be sequenced, the later cards will be marked blocked.
    • Priority will be set based in part on the voting.
    • If the feature is for after V1, the card will be designated as an enhancement.
    • Each card will have “just enough” of a spec for a developer to do the work.
  • The card is moved into backlog

Pulling Cards through the Kanban Board
  • Twice a week I will pull cards from Backlog to Ready for Dev
  • Developers pull from Ready for Dev, having, ideally one or at most two cards at a time.
  • When a feature is completed (commented, unit tests work, etc.) the developer pulls the card into Submitted
  • I will perform basic QA on everything in Submitted and pull them to Ready For Release
  • On Release days everything in Ready For Release will be in the release.

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