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Release schedule for the HVP WP7 application

Last update: August 26, 2010


stand out from the crowd

The application that we'll be developing in the next phase of the HVP will allow the user to record and then look up everything that happened from day to day.

With this application, each day you can record:

  • Music you listen to
  • Pictures you take
  • Who you sent and received email from
  • Who you chatted with
  • Where you were and where you went
  • Notes you make about the day
  • Accomplishments
  • Insights and ideas
  • People you meet…

you get the idea.

Some of this is recorded automatically for you while the application is running. Some you enter. Some will be manual today with a goal of making it automated in future versions.  The data you record will be local to your phone unless you choose to upload it to the (to be created) web site.

Plus ça change...

Yes, this is a change in the vision for the next phase, but I think it will better illustrate

  • The phone functionality
  • Transmedia Storytelling
  • Coding for WP7

Development Schedule

Item Working Due Date
Graphic Design October 29
Initial MVVM Design October 29
Begin coding and unit tests October 29
First release November 20
Interim release December 3
Interim Release December 17
Code Complete – Alpha January 2
Bugs Fixed – Beta January 9
Release Candidate January 16
First Release Feb13, 2011

NB: due to scheduling conflicts, this is a 1 month delay in the project.

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