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Last update: February 24, 2010

The release schedule between now and V1 is
  • January 6 - Rough "proof of concept"
  • January 27 - First v1 features
  • February 10 - Significant refactoring, architecture complete but not fully implmented
  • Feb 24 27 - We're going to release at the end of the week as I'm working with the SMF folks on a video position bug
  • March 3 5 - Beta - Sometimes it just makes more sense to wait. Please see note below
Beta Release Delayed - March 3, We are so close to having a fully functional Beta that it doesn't make sense to rush nor to release something less than what we'll have in a couple days. We are closing in on the home stretch and it pays to get it right. Beta is delayed to Friday, with a drop dead date of Monday morning

  • March 10 - RC

March 15 - V1 RTW: First day of Mix 2010

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