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Interim Report - January 19

It is said that rapid growth kills more companies than too little growth. I don’t know if that is true, but I can understand it. My little project, which was supposed to toddle along at a gentle 30 MPH, while I documented what we were learning in mini-tutorials and videos has taken off like a rocket. This is a good time to reflect on what has been learned so far, and to make a few minor tweaks.

Are We On Track?

I’m pleased to say we are on schedule. However, if we’re not careful, the code will get ahead of the learning and the process will break down. This project serves many goals, and it is time to re-state them so that the decisions that follow make sense. Of equal weight are the following:
  • Create a community-participating real-world significant project that explores many aspects of Silverlight 4, WCF-RIA Services, MEF and related technologies.
  • Document what we learn in mini-tutorials and videos
  • Create an application that will provide an enhanced approach to our How Do I Videos
  • Create an application that is sufficiently composite and extensible that it can be used in unanticipated ways.

The Next Two Weeks

To make certain that all of these goals are met, over the next two weeks I will:
  • Release the next iteration tomorrow (Wed) by end of day
  • Provide a video of the new iteration until we have a server where folks can interact with a working version
  • Provide a version hosted on and/or another hosting site (stand by for more info)
  • Close the Kanban board for a short while while I re-organize the features and tasks and then re-open it
  • Publish a description of the modified / enhanced approach to configuration and event management
  • Begin work on a plain-vanilla but polished UI
  • Create mini-tutorials and videos on the work that is in this release and the next
  • Detail the features that will be in V1 at Mix.


If you have questions about the spec for a feature in the Kanban board, or other questions relating to features already in progress, please use the Discussions. If you have suggestions for new features, or if you are not a participating contributor and have bugs or issues to report, please use the Issue Tracker

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