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Emerging Design and First Features

This page will be updated frequently
Last update Jan 4, 2010

Release Schedule

"Proof of concept" on Wed, Jan 6 to illustrate the core idea of HyperVideo
The proof of concept will have running video and the appearance of a TOC and LinksDisplay with active links. This release is designed only to demonstrate what the core functionality of the HyperVideo player will be.

The "Proof of concept" will have the following limitations:
  • No unit tests, not bullet proof, for "friendly users" and demo
  • Derived Silverlight HVP player will work but will display only a single video
  • Display for the Table of Contents will be mocked up with a few links to demonstrate what a TOC module should be able to do
  • LinksDisplay will be mocked up with a few links to demonstrate what a the LinksModule should do
    • Clicking on a TOC link or a link in the LinksModule will cause a message to be shown stating what will happen in the working version
    • The links will be displayed as the viewer runs in response to the position of the video, with the values hard coded for this release

V1 Features Already Under Development

The January 20 release marks the first release of certified code. That means all the code in the release will include a suite of unit tests and will have been reviewed by me with a degree of integration testing. We expect that virtually all the code in each release from January 20 onward will remain in the V1 release.

The following features are under active development
  • A Table of Contents module that
    • Reads what to display and what information to provide for its events from an xml file
    • Displays links to all the topics in a video running in the video frame
    • Clicking on the links raises an event (see events below)
  • A LinksDisplay Module that
    • Displays links as the video runs
    • Reads what links to display, when and what to do from an xml file
    • Clicking on a link raises an event (see events below)
  • A Viewer that houses frames
    • The slhvp player implmented as a frame in the viewer
    • At least one other frame
  • An enhanced slhvp video player
    • support for Closed Captioning
    • Seek based on events
    • Pause and resume based on events
    • can raise events in response to markers (injected or otherwise)
  • An event manager that
    • is either the event aggregator from prism or a new class or an interim solution
    • is configured from one or more xml files
    • provides a unified way to manage
      • events
      • event registration (publish and subscribe)
      • extensibility to new or unanticipated event sources
  • Event triggering will be generalized so that events may trigger based on
    • the position of a running video (elapsed time)
    • a marker already embedded in the video
    • a marker injected into a video at run time
    • other time based occurances such as elapsed time since an animation started
    • other mechanisms encapsulated in new modules
  • All components will be instantiated and composed using MEF

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