Jan 12, 2010 at 10:23 PM

David Mora: What is the function of the ICareAbout "thing" events?

Firing an "ICareAboutFOO" event stimulates any module already in existence that has FOOs that are supposed to be available to the module firing the ICareAbout when it is created, to fire that event.  Huh?

Let's say you have a player that cares about time objects.  You have a links module that creates time objects.  Let's also say (since the order of creation is indeterminate) that the LinksModule is created and fires off an event IHaveTimeObjects.... nothing happens, no one cares. No harm done. 

Next, the Frame is created, and it needs that list of TimeObjects, but too late, the event that would provide them has fired already.  So the Frame fires ICareAboutTimeObjects and seeing that, the Links Module fires IHaveTimeObjects again.