Master Timeline?

Jan 12, 2010 at 10:14 PM

David Mora: I would assume that there has to be a master time-line setting the pace, like the director in an orchestra. I also assume that the currently playing video or media clip would provide such pace-making. Are those assumptions correct? I don't imagine that the video provides the timing, but the context of the timing. So, we have one or more polling timers that use the video current position as the timing standard. Again, is that how you see it?

No, I would like them to be far more decoupled.  Yes it is true that the locations and the links have a strong interest in precision timing, but that can pretty easily be handled using events.  What I envision is that the location module picks up its list of locations (presumably topics to be covered in the video, what we had been calling a TOC) from a config file. When you click on a location, the location module raises an event that the Frame will respond to by changing the (e.g., ) seek position of a video.  

As noted in another discussion topic, the Frame fires locationReached events in response either to markers in the video, or in response to a match between the current location and a TimeObject (please see the What Is Location discussion)