Frames and Viewers

Jan 12, 2010 at 10:09 PM

David Mora:  •    The relationship between a frames and viewers is still a bit fuzzy to me.  In a previous post, there is a mention of a Reader creating instances of frames, so I imagine a viewer is a reader. From what I understood then, a viewer creates frames. Are frames say, user or custom controls, or packaged layouts of several controls/components? Is the player composed of several viewers? In other words, are the links list and the items list in the GUI different viewers?


Jesse:  We have stopped using the term Reader in this context.  The Viewer is a module that contains (and uses mef to instantiate) Frames. Each Frame may  have one or more control; the first frame we'll build will be filled entirely by the player we've derived from the Silverlight Media Framework player. Other frames may hold other players, or may hold a web page display, an animation etc.

We are not saying that any other module is a type of Viewer. It isn't prohibited to have more than one viewer in an app, but the other modules don't need the weight of the Viewer/Frame architecture.  

The Links module and the Locations module will not be viewers, at least not in V1.