Configuration: Definitions of Config Items

Jan 12, 2010 at 10:04 PM

[David Mora:} About the severely decoupled configuration, I think I understand the general idea and like it, but here are some things where I lost some traction:

  • As we work out a domain dictionary, I hope these will become more clear, but right now, I see a location (as in LocationReached or LocationsList) as position in the currently running video (or media clip). My question is, where does TimeObject fit and how does it relate to locations?


[Jesse:]  I apologize for the confusion.  A location is a place in the displayed item (e.g., in a video it is an amount of time elapsed since the beginning.  For many other types of media a location will either be elapsed time (an animation) or, e.g., a page number.  The LocationList is a list of known locations, and LocationReached is an event raised by the frame when it either (a) hits a marker in a video or (b) hits a location that corresponds to its collection of TimeObjects.

The Frame can be given TimeObjects by any of the other modules, signalling that they would like a LocationReached event when the frame determines that the time elapsed is equal to or greater than the time indicated in the TimeObject (when the event is fired, the frame destroys the TimeObject so the event is not raised repeatedly.



Jan 12, 2010 at 10:20 PM

David Mora: •    One statement says "When a Frame[ i]s instantiated it subscribes to HereAreTimeObjects, HereIsAnItem, SeekTo, and fires off ICareAboutTimeObjects." This is one my sticky points about HereIs "things" I see mentions about TimeObjects and Items. What are the differences?

Jesse: See the message above. I will have a fully described TimeObject checked into code within the next 10 days, possibly within the next couple.  An Item is anything displayed by the Viewer (e.g., a video, an animation, etc.) as part of the original sequence (not when you click a link).  Thus, the ItemList might have:


A History of Film
The Role of the Director
The Role of the Producer
The Future of Movies

This would indicate that these four items will be displayed, one after the other.  Locations and Links are Item specific.  When you change Items the list of locations is redrawn and new links begin to be displayed.